In Praise of Sun: An original Psalm

In my Psalms class this semester we had the opportunity to write a couple original Psalms. This was one I wrote last week on the first sunny day Spring. A little silly perhaps, but what is to tell us that the unnamed reason for praise (or lament) in the Psalms were not weather inspired.

In Praise of Sun

1 O radiant God,
as the warm rays of the sun dazzle it is right to offer praise and thanksgiving

2 The wet winter has been long,
The longest on record,
Over 38 inches in total precipitation.

3 Recoiled in our raincoats,
We cried out as we traversed the puddles.
Day after day you let us drown,
Leave us wondering if we should stock-pile gopher wood.

4 Day after day the rain we curse under our breath
Is so desperately needed to refill reservoirs and build the snowpack.
Truly a mixed blessing.

5 Yet, the memory of the distant, hidden sun
Kept us warm as we ran to dodge the wet drops.
Unseen for many days we trust it will return.

6 Today as we bask in the glow
we sing your praise,
The sun shines again!

7 You did not forget us!
You kept the promise you made to Noah all those years ago!

8 I feel your palpable presence as the
Warm rays bathe my skin.
The blessed streams of vitamin D are
like the warmest and best hug,
reviving to the damp soul.

9 The annual return of the sun is a tangible reminder of your love and presence.
Not always visible, but always waiting to break through.

10 O radiant God of sun and rain
We offer praise and thanksgiving!


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